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Street Edition

Bistrot 55 Street Edition

is the newest and alternative edition of Bistrot 55 restaurants with a sophisticated and redefined approach to street food. Some of our visitors claim that this spot is a delicious window into different cultures and a tasteful experience of human culinary history.  Inclusive Cooking is the basic philosophy of the Bistrot 55 family; even vegan dishes get a junk makeover here.

Our team prepares recipes inspired from all over the world using the finest ingredients while blending with imagination and respect. Street food vending is found all around the world, but varies greatly between regions and cultures; in Limassol it is the latest trend. At Bistrot 55 Street Edition, we maintain the Bistrot 55 philosophy with respect for gastronomy and authentic cooking. Located on Eleftherias street, in Limassol, Bistrot 55 Street Edition is expected to become part of the daily routine of all food lovers and travellers. Tempting your appetite into reaching new destinations through ‘glocal’ flavours!

What to try

A must-try and inviting choice is the delicious pulled pork with barbecue sauce served either in a big brioche bun or four fluffy steamed buns.  A vegan pleasure is the pulled mango served with red cabbage and cucumber spaghetti.

Indulge in rich salads like our tabouleh remake with protein-full quinoa or the light slow cooked pulled chicken salad served with baby rocket leaves and green asparagus.

Get to know deep-fried onion in another way; onion pakoras, a must-try.