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Classic Edition

Bistrot 55 Classic Edition

stands out for the authentic and sophisticated cooking made from pure ingredients! With utmost respect for gastronomy and using fresh ingredients, the team create beautiful dishes with a contemporary design, bringing out the best version of every ingredient they use! Inclusive Cooking is the basic philosophy of the Bistrot 55 family; they offer excellent attention to every customer with great respect to their nutritional needs and philosophies.

The now well-known and well-established Bistrot 55 Classic Edition on Eleftherias Street offers a unique experience of refined dining in a restored building in a historical part of central Limassol.  A series of tasting menus are designed to offer a unique culinary experience suitable to every season.  A place of sustainable processes, relevant to our location, local resources and indigenous ingredients that combines excellent food and table service.  A rich selection of remarkable wine labels that will inspire you has been composed including delicious whiskeys and cognacs. The service team guides the customers with courtesy and professionalism.  A key feature is the friendly mood and warm hospitality that you will encounter and enjoy.

A new proposal

A culinary experience to remember…
A tasting menu is a collection of the chef’s signature proposals served over several courses.
A series of small plates, our tasting menus are composed with the utmost care to take you on a culinary journey of flavours and aromas making your evening an experience of all senses.
We invite you to select between tasting menus that vary in content and number of courses.
You will also be invited to select specific dishes for some of the courses, giving you the opportunity to shape the menu to your liking or dietary philosophies.
You may also choose for your dining experience to last an hour or three  and indulge in an evening of good company, delicious food and exquisite wine.
Order among our tasting menus and get a real feeling of the Bistrot 55 philosophy and our team’s imagination and experience.
If you are looking for a way to pamper yourself and your friends, a tasting menu experience is the ideal culinary journey.
Eleana Alexandrou

A few words from the Bistrot 55 family

‘Bistrot 55 Classic Edition is a place of creativity, pleasure, care and serious work!  We hand pick each of our team members looking for nourishing exchanges and great passion for gastronomy.  Bistrot 55 is a place of constant redefinition with a desire to continuously evolve and expand our knowledge and capacities.  Everything is achieved with team work, seriousness and humour.  Every day becomes a better day when a little time is spent to enjoy a delicious plate of food.’

The team:

Head Chef: Jack Yiannakou    Sous Chefs: Charalambos Constantinou, Michalis Egnatiou

Service Management: Mikaella Alexandrou