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Gastronomy Events

Gastronomy Appreciation Dinner

This year, after establishing a strong presence within the realm of fine dining, we are ready to introduce a new team, composed by creative, hard-working individuals with backgrounds in fine-dining and Michelin awarded restaurants around the globe.

As a working family, we have an inherent need for refinement and progress.  With this new team, we are moving towards establishing a place of sustainable processes, relevant to our location and local resources but also a place of culinary experiences.  We are opening up to collecting indigenous ingredients, local flavours and textures and by this owning our location, the place we exist in.  Fine dining restaurants all over the world, first and foremost work with their surroundings, their local flavours that are special to their locations and resources.  So, our next step is this; to own our location and create a confident proposal combining excellent food and table service.

Michelin Star Dinner with Chef Arnaud Bignon

“Two Michelin stars” inspire at Bistrot 55

Arnaud Bignon, οne of the youngest chefs to achieve two Michelin stars, travelled to Cyprus to cook at Bistrot 55 Classic Edition. The award-winning chef entered the kitchen and cooked with the team of Bistrot 55. Original combinations of flavours, clean and contemporary presentations shaped a wonderful evening full of orifinal flavour and high gastronomy.

Bignon’s philosophy combines traditional French training with contemporary techniques and is based on finding perfect harmony and balance in all his dishes dictated by his knowledge of quality produce. He plays with fresh and original flavour combinations with clean and contemporary presentations. He calls this inventive interplay between ingredients ‘jeu des produits’ which translates literally to ‘playing with ingredients’.

Arnaud’s elemental approach is key to his acclaimed minimal style. Acidity is integral to the balance of flavours in each and every dish. He aims to surprise and delight with seemingly illogical, yet harmonious, flavour combinations, reworking classics to lauded effect.